Funeral Shipping To Italy

Funeral Shipping to Italy

Human Remains Shipping

At Bergen Funeral Service Inc., our funeral home provides reliable, efficient and respectful international funeral transporting services. We provide shipping from USA to a diverse array of countries around the world, such as Italy. Our funeral professionals are also experts in shipping for burials and repatriation of remains as well. Our goal is to send the deceased off to their final destinations with great care and attention so that they can be reunited with their friends and family.

In Italy, it is often customary to announce the death of a loved one through the making of a poster. When someone passes away, families will create posters that announce the person’s death to notify people all over town. The poster also includes information about where the funeral will take place, and all are welcome to attend. Upon hearing the news of someone passing, neighbors and friends will bring food to the deceased’s family, which is shared between the family and guests who come to visit the family at this time.

When it comes to the funeral, Italian funeral rituals are similar to Catholic funeral traditions. Italian funerals include certain Catholic funeral elements such as the last rites, prayer vigil, funeral liturgy and mass. Pall bearers are a common practice at Italian funerals, and funerals can end with family speaking about the deceased. Black is the color that is worn for funeral rituals.

While in Italy funerals are a time of gravity and mourning, funerals are also a time to showcase dignity and respect for the deceased. At Italian funerals, the casket is normally open so that people who have come to pay their respects can kiss the deceased on the cheek or forehead — a sign of respect for the deceased; however, families can choose to have a closed casket at the funeral.

In Italy, burials in the ground are rare because of the lack of space underground. For that reason, graves are stacked and placed in mausoleums. Because of superstitions, Italians will bury the deceased with his or her favorite material possessions in order to prevent the deceased from wanting to return to Earth. Many Italians also will not speak about the deceased immediately following the period of mourning for the same reason.

When you are mourning the loss of a loved one, the last thing you need is the added stress from planning out the funeral shipping process. Our staff will take care of it all for you and iron out the details of every step along the way. When you first call us for international funeral shipping to Italy, we will immediately provide you with expert advice about all the potentially confusing aspects of this service. Additionally, we are located within minutes of JFK and Newark airports. These two airports offer the most destination and flight choices for international funeral shipping to Italy, which will make the transportation that much easier to plan. We are referred to as “known-shippers” with all the airlines, which means that we can schedule flights and fly with any airline of our choosing. This status allows for more convenience and efficiency, which will help make this difficult time a little bit less anxiety-ridden.

With affordable prices and empathetic, friendly service, we hope that our international funeral shipping will be exactly what you are looking for when it comes to reliable, safe and efficient transportation.

For more information about international funeral shipping to Italy, contact Bergen Funeral Service Inc. at (800) 262-7901.

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Funeral Shipping To Italy