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Accidental Death Insurance near Lyndhurst, NJ

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Are you looking for Accidental Death Insurance near Lyndhurst, NJ? Bergen Funeral Service, Inc. has started as a family-owned and operated funeral home. funeral service company proudly serving New Jersey communities for over 50 years. We provide Accidental Death Insurance near Lyndhurst, NJ for those who find themselves away from home and would like to alleviate loved ones of the stress that can come from an unexpected death occurring a distance away. Our professional funeral staff will guide you through the insurance and shipping process to ensure that you are well-informed about your funeral shipping insurance plan and our commitment to you or a loved one during a time of need. We are proud to have served our local communities, and are now pleased to offer accidental death insurance on a global scale to those who wish for a safe and expedient return of a loved one upon death.

In our modern society, we experience risks each day of our lives. Whether driving your car, riding public transportation, or taking a plane - your life can drastically alter in moments. When you are a professional driver, work with hazardous materials or in hazardous environments, travel regularly or frequently, or commonly experience risks, accidental death insurance protects your loved ones from heavy financial burdens that accumulate when an unexpected loss occurs. Unfortunately, there are times when our loved ones pass away while away from home, making it difficult to ready appropriate funeral and burial service. Oftentimes, loved ones who pass while far from home face difficulties in collecting and organizing paperwork, making a grieving period more stressful. When a loved one passes outside of the United States, you may be given a death certificate not accepted by all U.S. insurance companies or face high fees to ensure your loved one is returned home safely and with professional considerations. There are times when a body is returned weeks after death, causing unnecessary emotional stress to remaining family and friends. When accidental or any death occurs more than 100 miles from a residence, Bergen Funeral Service is here to provide expert support and relief during this difficult time.

At Bergen Funeral Service, our commitment to communities has helped us remain a trusted funeral service company throughout our decades of business. A large part of our funeral services rely on making funeral arrangements without additional stress, so you can focus on healthy healing after a loss. With our accidental death insurance plan, you will be financially protected and can be sure that a lost loved one will be returned home with expediency and care.

Bergen Funeral Service Accidental Death Insurance near Lyndhurst, NJ includes:

  • Locating & transporting to a local licensed funeral home
  • Providing minimal casket or shipping container
  • Preparation of the deceased, if applicable
  • Transportation to airport & flight costs to the nearest airport or home
  • Clearing consulate documentation for international deaths, if applicable

Our insurance plan reunites you with a loved one in a timely manner, freeing you from international discussions and additional stress. Additional coverage costs are lower for added family members, giving you peace-of-mind should a loss occur while traveling out of country. Our insurance plan only covers death that occurs more than 100 miles from the primary residence. Once you contact us with the location of the deceased, we will arrange for transportation while collecting the necessary documents for a safe return, ease in closing accounts and estates, and arranging funeral services if applicable. With our funeral shipping insurance, no matter where this life takes you, you can be sure that you will arrive home safely when the time comes.

For more information about our Accidental Death Insurance near Lyndhurst, NJ, call Bergen Funeral Service at (800) 262-7901.

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