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At Bergen Funeral Service Inc., our family-owned and operated business provides reliable, efficient and respectful international funeral transporting services. We provide shipping from Queens to a diverse array of countries around the world, such as Poland. Our funeral professionals are also experts in shipping for burials and repatriation of remains as well. Our goal is to send the deceased off to their final destinations with great care and attention so that they can be reunited with their friends and family.

Burial rituals in Poland are different than those in the US. In Poland, the body of the deceased will usually not be moved for up to two hours even after the doctor has pronounced the death of the individual. If the person lived in an urban area, the funeral home will take care of all proceedings so the family has time to mourn. It is rare for family members to share happy or funny stories about the deceased. Special death notices are then placed in local newspapers, on churches and on the doors of the deceased’s dwelling to let the community know what has happened.

When it comes to the funeral, family and friends are expected to attend the funeral in a car or taxi while coach buses are often provided for neighbors and other relatives. In some traditional or rural areas, there are three stops in a funeral ceremony: the wake, the remembrance service and the cemetery. In urban areas, there are only one or two stops: a church or religious chapel and a cemetery.

Urban and rural customs are similar at the cemetery. Religious duties are carried out, the coffin is lowered into the grave and each mourner throws a handful of soil onto the coffin. After shovels of soil are thrown to level the terrain and form a grave, a name plate (sometimes accompanied by a cross) is placed at the top of the grave. Lastly, wreaths and flowers are put in place. Afterwards, there are sometimes post-funeral gatherings at someone’s home or at a function hall where meals and possibly some speeches take place.

When you are mourning the loss of a loved one, the last thing you need is the added stress from planning out the funeral shipping process. Our staff will take care of it all for you and iron out the details of every step along the way. When you first call us for international funeral shipping to Poland, we will immediately provide you with expert advice about all the potentially confusing aspects of this service. Additionally, we are located within minutes of JFK and Newark airports. These two airports offer the most destination and flight choices for international funeral shipping to Poland, which will make the transportation that much easier to plan. We are referred to as “known-shippers” with all the airlines, which means that we can schedule flights and fly with any airline of our choosing. This status allows for more convenience and efficiency, which will help make this difficult time a little bit less anxiety-ridden.

With affordable prices and empathetic, friendly service, we hope that our international funeral shipping services in Queens will be exactly what you are looking for when it comes to reliable, safe and efficient

For more information about international funeral shipping to Poland, contact Bergen Funeral Service Inc. at 800-262-7901.